Terms and conditions:

1. Web site presentation :

According to disposition of articles 6-III and 19 of the Law n°2004-57 of the 21 juin 2004 for the trust in digital economy, L.C.E.N., we let know the users and guests of the website : www.owetec.com the informations as follow :

Legals Informations :

Nature of owner : Company
Type : SAS
Company name : OWETEC
Tel : +33 633 306 081
Fund : 1000€
SIRET : 83755324700011 R.C.S. : 837 553 247
TVA : FR77837553247
Email contact@owetec.com

Creator : Paul MONY
Publication director : Paul MONY
Contact publication director : contact@owetec.com
Publication direcor is a moral entity

Webmaster : Paul MONY
Contact Webmaster : contact@owetec.com
Web hosting : OVH 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix - france

2. Description des services fournis :

www.owetec.com is a website showing all main activities of the owetec company.
The website owner of www.owetec.com make all is effort to provide informations as precise as possible. Nevertheless, Owetec will not be responsible for omissions, inaccuracy and lake of updates, by himself, or from a third party providing these informations.
Every information that you will find on www.owetec.com are given for indication, and non comprehensive, and can evolve subsequently. They are given under reserve of modification which can change since they were put online.

3. Privacy policy :

The website owner is owner of privacy policy knowledge right, or have the complete user right to al element accessible on the website, including texts, images, graphics, logo, icones, sounds, software...
Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation total or a part of these web site elements, no matters the way or process used, is forbidden, except autorisation by the owner of the website. To ask permission email to : contact@owetec.com .
Any unauthorized used of the website or any elements contained in, will be considered like a counterfeiting, and will be poursuit as per articles L.335-2 and following the property code.

4. Hyperlink and cookies :

www.owetec.com contains many hyperlinks to other website (partenaires, informations …) according to authorisation of owener of the Website. Nevertheless, the owner of the website, haven't the possibility to check all content on the other website linked, and don't take any responsabilities on their contents.

Users are informed that using this website www.owetec.com, will maybe install cookies automatically on his device.

Users can change their navigation software to refuse cookies.

5. Goods and people protection - personnal datas :

User :people who connect to the website : www.owetec.com
In francen personnal datas are protected by the law n° 78-87 du 6 January 1978, the law n° 2004-801 du 6 août 2004, article L. 226-13 of "Code pénal" and Europeenne Directive of 24 octobre 1995.

On the website www.owetec.com, owner collect personnal information from user just for particular needs for services proposed on the website www.owetec.com. User send this information for contact purpose and no data are kept in any database on the wabsite
Conerning the article 38 and following the law 78-17 from 6 January 1978 related to informatic, files and liberty any user can get access to his datas, for consultation, modification, deleting or opposition. To get this email at: www.owetec.com with user email, identity card, subject and signature.

Website www.owetec.com is in conformity with RGPD - the website don't keep any user information, and don't have newsletter or database. In case of using the contact form we might have some of your datas, if you want to consult, modify or delete it please email us :contact@owetec.com